XPressor saturation and dynamics processor

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Add some warmth to your mix

XPressor is a high quality saturation and dynamics processor. It's capable of making your drums, vocals and instruments stand out in a mix. From subtile warm saturation to overdrive, XPressor adds that extra touch.


  • Soft clip, hard clip and wavefolder algorithms
  • Built in dynamics processor
  • Low and high cutoff filters
  • Up to 8 times oversampling
  • Xpressor is FREE! See registration

Download 1.04 beta

XPressor is available as 64 bit VST3 plugin for Windows and MacOs.

Windows MacOs

Your free registration key

The unregistered plugin will make a noise every 30 seconds. To unlock your copy, choose 'Registration' from the right-top menu and enter to following name and key:

name: ephonic_xpressor_user

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